Why Yellow Brick for your Salesforce Journey

One key to a successful journey is having the right guide – a technology partner that has the right skills and asks the right questions.

Focused and smart, our Yellow Brick team grew up in business. Now we live in Salesforce. The advantage? We understand your business needs – and we have the deep technical skills to translate those needs into a powerful Salesforce solution.

The Yellow Brick Difference

Why choose Yellow Brick? Here are a few reasons:

  1. We’re Small. Small is a benefit because what you see is what you get. Unlike larger organizations, Yellow Brick doesn’t swap in a “B” team or junior players once you’ve hired us. The Yellow Brick professionals that you meet in the beginning of the relationship will be the same team you work with throughout the life of the project – and beyond.
  2. We’re Business-Savvy. We were Salesforce users before we were Salesforce consultants – we’re not simply technology geeks who speak techno babble. Tell us your business challenges. We’ll understand them in business terms first. Then help build your solution.
  3. We’re Salesforce Focused. Salesforce is all we do. We’re Salesforce certified and on top of the latest Salesforce releases and best practices. The result? We implement innovative, cutting-edge Salesforce solutions.
  4. We Work with People You Know. Our clients are leaders in their respective fields. The Yellow Brick team comes from business – specifically publishing and media and higher education – and our former employers are among our most loyal customers. Yellow Brick’s reputation is well-established, with referenceable results.
  5. We Listen. Where are you headed? We want to know, and we’ll ask the right questions of the right people. Our iterative and collaborative approach to design and development ensures that you and your team are involved and invested every step of the way. No surprises.
  6. We’re a Partner You Can Count On. Salesforce is always evolving. But not all new Salesforce features are right for all organizations. Once we’ve worked with you, you can count on Yellow Brick for the long-term. Because we’ve gotten to know your business – and we know Salesforce – we’re positioned to help you make informed decisions about which Salesforce enhancements make sense for you.
  7. We’re Proven. A sure sign of success is customers that stick with you. Yellow Brick’s customer retention rate is exceptional. In fact, some have been with us since our inception. Our current Salesforce customer satisfaction rating is 9.9 out of 10 – based on independent Salesforce surveys of our customers.

No Limits on the Possibilities

Salesforce is a powerful tool that can address business challenges across the entire organization. Whether you need help with Salesforce CRM or have a need for a custom-built application or database, Yellow Brick brings a valuable balance of business savvy and deep technical skills that will guide you expertly to your destination.