How We Work

There was a time when gathering requirements and developing, testing, and deploying a solution were sequential steps that took months for the big reveal – only to discover that in the meantime, the business had changed. Or, the solution just didn’t work as expected.

With Yellow Brick Systems’ agile approach those days are gone. The Salesforce platform is flexible and adaptable. Our process is too. Yellow Brick’s iterative approach allows you to see the solution as it’s being developed in a series of cycles. We listen, build, show – then repeat to make sure we’re on the right path. The outcome is a solution that fits and users that are invested – ensuring successful adoption once it’s delivered.

Listening – The Key to Success

At the heart of our approach is a series of joint application design sessions. These sessions are highly collaborative discussions that work to shape the outcome of your solution – and are vital to your project’s success.

In these regular meetings, Yellow Brick asks a lot of questions – not just “what” but also “why” – to get a deep understanding of your business and what you need to accomplish with your Salesforce investment. We work closely with you and your team to elicit, document, verify, analyze, prioritize, and validate:

Our iterative process recaps the project’s progress at each meeting – reviewing functionality as it is built and vetting various components of the new solution until the system is working for you.

The ongoing collaboration ensures that your stakeholders and business end users are invested fully in the outcome, and that the outcome is aligned fully with your business requirements.

A Vested Partner

Once your Salesforce project is delivered, you can count on Yellow Brick to provide custom training, support, maintenance, and implement future enhancements. As your partner, Yellow Brick is committed to your ongoing success on the Salesforce journey.